Reminders and Dress Code

- Pets, regardless if dressed, caged, or diapered are not allowed inside the restaurant. We will limit our “best buddies” at the garden area. They must be with a companion at all times.
- FACE MASK is required at the Buffet Area. This is implemented as additional precaution to keep the foods that we serve safe.
- Parking is first-come, first-serve basis. We have ample parking spaces which can accommodate more than 40 cars. We try our best to accommodate everyone since parking is prohibited at the streets outside the property. Big vehicles like bus can’t be accommodated.

Dress Code:
     We suggest Smart Casual clothing. House slippers like rubber or the fluffy kinds are not allowed. Guests can wear open toe sandals, step ins, and etc. 
     We discourage wearing of revealing shorts, but shorts with appropriate length are okay. The same applies to sando and see-through clothing.

We are located at 387 P. Guevarra St. cor Argonne, Brgy. Addition Hills, San Juan City.